Standing bag with a spout (lid) attached

This is a standing bag with a spout (lid) attached.  It is r・・・

The biggest thing for us was whether they could meet our environmental needs or not.

We were going to order antistatic plastic bags through a company that we found through a catalogue, but they told us that ‘they couldn’t meet our environmental needs’.

We made inquires so many times

We feared of an adverse effect on our examiners from the leakage of gas from the plastic bags

We were impressed because you responded quickly and empathetically.

Some rust occurs when the goods in the process are stored temporarily, it was a problem with quality.

The good we were after weren’t in the market (not in existence yet) so we were looking for something.

We thank the person in charge who was so polite and responsive to our needs and gave us useful suggestions and ideas.

We compared your product with our current rust inhibitor over a few months and confirmed that your product stops corrosion.

It usually takes time to clean normal antistatic plastic bags.
Also, we received claims that they’re not easy to clean even when using thinner.

Application 1: Spending several million yen vs just a few 10 yen coins

The molds get rusty…

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