Application 1: Spending several million yen vs just a few 10 yen coins

There was a problem that occurred where their molds got rusty when making parts at a precision parts maker.

The parts could not be processed.

Having a dedicated room for the molds costs money. What’s the solution for this given these conditions?


The molds get rusty…

In the factory of precision parts maker A, there was a problem that occurred where the molds to make parts got rusty.  It was going to have a large effect on the part finishing.

The person in charge of company A thought about applying anti-rust oil.  However, parts are all being refined and downsizing these days, so the shapes are complicated too.  So, if you apply anti-rust oil on them, because of the thickness, there may be a possibility that the parts may not work properly.  The next thing we thought was to build a ‘mold dedicated storeroom’ to avoid moisture but of course, that would cost a lot.  The representative of company A didn’t know what to do.


The antistatic plastic bags solved the problem.

Then, what the representative thought was to use ‘antistatic plastic bags’.  We remembered talking to the sales department of Yutaka Finepack a year ago and saying ‘Our improved function plastic bags can prevent items from rusting by just putting them in the bag.’, so we ordered a sample again.