Message from CEO




―――Packaging products that evolved to ‘protect’ rather than to ‘wrap’


We have always continued our research and development of specially packaging materials with the aim of protecting products based on our motto of ‘integrity, safety and trust’ since we were founded in 1971.

By ‘protecting’ manufactured products such as electronic products and precision components, our main business operates to assist our clients, and we continue to introduce various ideas.

By pursuing our research for over 30 years to find out what kind of products we need to develop in order to ‘protect’ our clients’ products, we were able to continue to focus on how to cultivate our manufacturing capabilities and our competence to propose ideas for ‘specially packaged products with unique qualities’.

The Japanese manufacturing industry entered a turning point recently.  With the increase of offshore production, there has also been an increase in imported cheap general merchandise.

However, the needs for specially packaged materials which are our company’s unique point of difference are in fact increasing within the Japanese manufacturing industry which seeks high added value, high quality and precision and higher performance goods that are starting to be required more.

Specializing in this industry for more than 30 years, we feel that our duty to bring forth custom-made protection packaging for every single product produced in small lots is something that no other companies can imitate, and we believe that it is also a great opportunity for us to contribute to our consumers through our packaging.

We, Yutaka Fine pack Co., Ltd. will continue our endeavour to “protect and preserve” our clients’ valuable products from various external factors by honing our technical development skills and product development skills more and more.