Privacy Policy

Our policy on the protection of personal information on this Website.

At Yutaka Finepack Philippines Corp., we believe that it is very important to protect our customers’ personal information.  We believe the appropriate management of our customers’ personal information protection is a social responsibility so we give this great consideration, thus we have established our policy of personal information on this website as follows.


Collection of personal information

We only use our customer’s information for purposes that we inform them of at the time of collecting them.


Use of personal information

We may ask you to provide personal information (E-mail address, name, postal address, phone number, etc.) while using this website.  In either case, we announce the utilization purposes for personal information first and collect appropriate information.  We ask you to provide the information of your own volition.


Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties except in the following circumstances.

  1. We have your permission to disclose.
  2. When we cannot identify the customer.
  3. If we have to disclose the information to our subcontractors for the site’s operation.
    (In this case where we have a contract with the party and strive for appropriate protection of personal information.)
  4. If required by law, such as reveiving a disclosure of personal information request from a judicial or administrative agency and having a legal obligation to do so.


Disclosure of personal information to third parties 

We take reasonable safety measures in technical and organizational aspects by having a person responsible for managing the leakage of unauthorized access, the loss of personal information, destruction, tampering and such events.  We may discard our customers’ personal information when it has been determined that it is no longer necessary to keep their personal information as there is no more use for it.


Access history

In our Web server that we manage, information such as which domain our customer came from and which page our customer accessed are stored on our server.   That is being done on the web server, it is intended to be treated as only ‘statistical information’, so it is not for identifying individual customers.


Inquiries about personal information

Regarding personal information that we manage, if we receive a request from our customers themselves like the following, we will answer their requests immediately and rationally.

  1. To check the details
  2. To modify, change and delete details
  3. To withdraw some parts or all of an agreement that has already been made about the use of personal information


Review of privacy policy

We comply with laws and regulations that apply to personal information and continue to review this policy to improve it appropriately, so please note that our policy can changed without notice.