Related sites

These are the links to those websites that are operated by the headquarters of Yutaka Finepack Corporation in Japan.

Corporate site

コーポレートサイトYutaka Finepack Corporation

This is an official corporate site.  Our features, business description and products details are all in here.


Overall Packing material sites

包装技術ねっとPacking technique net

This is a comprehensive site for protective packing materials.  You can search various packaging materials sorted by the use and performance.  There are a lot of explanations about each material written on the site.

A comprehensive protective packing material site that was the first for the company.  This was the start of Yutaka Finepack’s online selling.  It’s still running and updating now.  Packing materials, mail magazine back numbers and such information are all on the site.


A site specializing in packing materials


This site is specialized for ‘large sized bags’, such as large sized plastic bags, pallet covers, plenty of existing products and original sized tailored products.