The good we were after weren’t in the market (not in existence yet) so we were looking for something.

This case is for Katakura  from Towa Corporation.  Katakura contacted us saying that they needed polyethylene tubes ‘a small amount with a quick turnaround’.

The following are the comments from them.



Hello, it’s Katakura from Towa Corporation.

Thank you so much.

We appreciate that the products were what we were after and that they were very useful.

Also, we thank the person in charge who was so polite and responsive to our needs and gave us useful suggestions and ideas.  Here is the answer to your survey.


Thank you for purchasing our products, before purchasing from us, what issues were you experiencing?

We couldn’t find a specific product in the market, so we were looking for one thinking it would be great to find a company for it.


There are various other companies out there, why did you choose us?

Your company came up when we searched for ‘vinyl tube’ online.

We faxed a sketch to make an inquiry.  The reason why we chose you was the speed of your responses.


What did you think about our products after using them?

We asked for tube style rolls and they were perfect.  They would have been better if they were a little thicker (i.e. 7 to 8μm, very thick bags).


From finding us to placing an order, was there anything that made you hesitate to buy from us?



If there was, what made you feel comfortable with progressing?



What was the deciding factor when purchasing?

It was what we requested.  The price was appropriate.

We will probably talk to you when we come up with some thoughts, thank you.

The heat has been intense these days, take care.