We were impressed because you responded quickly and empathetically.

This is the case of Kobari  from Daido Signal Co., Ltd.

They purchased anti-rust plastic bags.


 Thank you for purchasing our products, before purchasing from us, what issues were you experiencing?

A: We have a lot of processes before the parts are completed such as the primary process, secondary process and surface treatment (plating and painting), so some rust occurs when the goods in the process are stored temporarily, it was a problem with quality.  Also, we were using newspaper to wrap around the parts but always wanted to change because of the impurities and so on.


There are various other companies out there, why did you choose us?

A: When searching online about rust issues, we saw that your company has a sheet that can wrap our products shape in multiple ways, and we were able to make inquiries about your products and receive answers through emails.


What did you think about our products after using them?

A: We are going to adopt your sheet for a variety of our devices’ for storage and transferring as planned.

So, we will stop using newspaper from now on.


From finding us to placing an order, was there anything that made you hesitate to buy from us?

A: We manufacture relay related products, so we don’t like having silicon contamination.  When we made an inquiry about whether some silicon could be mixed throughout any part of the manufacturing process, you immediately found out and got back to us.

We were so impressed with how you were responsive and fast.


If there was, what made you feel comfortable with progressing?

What was the deciding factor when purchasing?

We exchanged a lot of emails about your products and we had trust because of your passion towards the products and the ability for the products to comply with our needs.

We appreciate your continuous support.