We made inquires so many times

This is the case of an anonymous person.

They purchased some custom-made transparent plastic bags.  The bags had five stickers at the bottom and seven punched holes, we sent them samples first, had a meeting and received an order after that.


Thank you so much.

Our answers to your questions are as follows.  We appreciate your continuous support.

Thank you for purchasing our products, before purchasing from us, what issues were you experiencing?

⇒ We manufacture medical equipment.  We have been using carcinogenic EOG (Ethylene oxide gas) to sterilize the products, but we feared of an adverse effect on our examiners from the leakage of gas from the plastic bags which have test specimens inside when sterilizing the products.

We also use commercial water draining bags too, but we have products that are bigger than the bags, so we were looking for bags for that.

This time, we purchased your bags with punched holes and our EOG leakage problem has improved in such a short time.


There are various other companies out there, why did you choose us?

⇒ To be honest, we did contact a few other companies, but didn’t get a good answer.

You accepted our requested spec and gave a great price that others couldn’t offer, so we decided to order from you.


 What did you think about our products after using them?

⇒ There have been no problems using your products so far.

◆From finding us to placing an order, was there anything that made you hesitate to buy from us?

⇒ We were concerned about the products’ cleanness because we bring them into our sterilized room.

◆ If there was, what made you feel comfortable with progressing?

⇒ We could see there would be no problems using your products after talking to your staff.

When purchasing, what was the deciding factor for you?

⇒ We asked you many questions again and again, but you answered our questions politely and with respect, so the impression we got from you was excellent.

* If you are going to publish this comment, please make us anonymous thanks.