Plastic anti-rust bags

Hello!  It’s Nezu from YFPC.

It’s nearly cherry blossom season in Japan, isn’t it.  Each season has it’s own unique smell.  Now, the sharp winter smell is becoming mild and I can sense the warm spring sun… it’s difficult to explain though.  I would be very happy if anyone else shared this feeling, it’s different to having a pollen allergy by the way.  ..Oh, I can’t smell any difference between the seasons in the Philippines.


Now, I would like to introduce you to plastic anti-rust bags.

This product uses a material called anti-rust polyethylene, this bag is mainly used for holding iron.  There are three products, the standard type product can be delivered immediately in the Philippines, we also offer custom made bags for customers when requested too.

We have bags for sue with no iron products and bags for use with either non iron or iron products, both of them are custom made.

The bag shape is that the bottom is sealed, so it’s a bottom sealing type.


The feature of this plastic anti-rust bag is that it has…

a higher anti-corrosion effect than anti-rust oil

・It opens well so the usability is better.

It’s an easy anti-rust solution as you fold the bag mouth back and put tape on only. (it’s more effective because of the heat welding)


Before this, people used to apply some anti-rust oil which is costly and takes time, but now they just put it in a bag and store it, one of our customers says.  The merit of this product that it is easy to use and cost effective!

Please contact our factory if you’ve ever thought ‘I have a problem with products made from iron that easily rust!’