Delivery pack for slips and instruction manuals

This is a delivery pack with the slips and manuals attached with the products.

This delivery pack has an adhesive agent attached at the back and is very useful if you would like to attach documents on the package while avoiding them getting wet or attach the slip on the product.

It is popular for delivery slips for gifts and manuals can be attached on the package.



  • Glue is attached on the back of the bag
  • There’s a line on the side of the bag opening
  • Made of polyethylene
  • Slips and documents inside will not fall off easily
  • Printing available
  • Waterproof because it’s made from film




Glued part                       The film is folded up so the inside items will not fall out        

The function of the delivery pack

The delivery pack has some glue on the back of the package, so it is easy to attach it on the package after putting slips and instruction manuals in.  Also, the bag opening part is at the back side, so the inside items will not fall out easily even when shaken.

The film adopted is a transparent polyethylene (some of the standard products are semi transparent), so they have excellent waterproof properties.



We can manufacture printed delivery packs with adjusted sizes depending on your request.

The printing method used is gravure printing.









Please contact us if you need a delivery pack and plastic bags for slips in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila.