18 liter-square can plastic bags

An 18 liter-square can polyethylene is high in strength and has a three layer function.

The regular films used for plastic bags have a single layer with only PE, but our films have three layers with LLDPE/HDPE/LLDPE combined with a low density polyethylene and high density polyethylene.

Because of the three layers, the strength has gotten a lot better so a 0.07mm thick bag made from three layers can have the same strength as a 0.1mm regular PE film bag.  It can reduce the thickness, so the cost will be cheaper as well.


  • Reduce the thickness but the strength is high
  • Sticky and doesn’t easily rip
  • Transparency (the thick ones are white and transparent)
  • Moisture proof properties
  • Excellent chemical proof properties
  • Great for workability because of the great bag opening
  • Great in heat sealing (the bottom does not open easily)
  • No dioxin when burning



Please have a think about the thickness and size you would like based on your 18 liter-square can.

The key to size is to set the length of the bag (from the mouth to the bottom) longer.

Because the bag opening will be folded as you can see in the photo.


Three layers of polyethylene

The three layers of polyethylene are used for plastic bags for 18 liter-square cans as an ingredient.

Three layers PE films are combined with low and high density polyethylenes, and they are LLDPE/HDPE/LLDPE.

It is definitely stronger putting the HDPE in the middle rather than one single LLDPE (low density polyethylene) layer.  The powerful material is adopted so that it doesn’t rip, because if the inside bag gets ripped then there’s no point.


We can take your requests for product shapes like tubes, bags and sheets.  If you would like three layer PE bags in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila, please contact us.