Antistatic nylon plastics

This additive-free nylon plastics are for use in sterilized rooms, precision equipment that does not allow additive agents at all and vacuum packing.

This is for those products that need antistatic functions like electronic circuit boards, electronic parts and semiconductor devices.  Vacuum packing can also be done so that the products will be safe during transport and will prevent them from rust.

To vacuum the bags, it has to use films that have a low permeation rate of oxygen, this nylon film naturally has the function.


However, only using nylon film is not enough to seal a bag so a polyethylene film which has a good sealing ability inside is laminated to make bags for vacuum packing with three layers of nylon, an adhesive part and a special polyethylene.

The ingredients of the inside polyethylene are closely managed to use a low amount of the additive fatty amide (slip agent), so the cleanliness level is very high compared to general nylon plastic bags.


Also, we don’t use a surface acting agent (antistatic agent) as the bag has a non-static effect because of the resin structure, so there’s no humidity dependence.

For these three layer structures, that shuts out the oxygen and it is has excellent pinhole properties and can protect the contents inside for a long time.

It’s a high grade film with static protection, no dust and gas barrier.



  • Manufactured in a sterilized room
  • Multi-layer film with nylon and polyethyelene (NY/PE)
  • Sustainable antistatic function inside the polyethylene
  • Gas barrier
  • The cleanliness of the bags is managed (under 100 air particles)


Manufacturing standard size

The thickness of the film
Bag opening width
The length of the bag


Physical property data (measuament)

Oxygen permeability
57.15cm3/m2・24hr・atm(JIS Z 1707)
Moisture permeability
4.8g/m2/24hr(JIS Z 0208)


We can manage your request concerning specific shapes of tubes, bags and sheets.

Please contact us if you need vacuum packing materials for use in sterilized rooms and additive-free nylon plastic bags in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila.