Additive-free polyethylene

Additive-free polyethylene is recommended for use in sterilized rooms and precision equipment that does not allow any additives at all.


  • Additive-free  100% polyethyelene
  • Inflated and processed in a sterilized room
  • Hardly any outgassing and particles
  • It has been used for pharmaceuticals


Manufacturing standard size

The thickness of the film
Bag opening width
The length of the bag


The production volume (LOT)

The minimum customized production volume (lot) is 3,000m of bags in length.

To calculate how many pieces you get from that, divide 3,000 by the length of each bag (m).

E.g. If the bag is 0.05mm thick x 200mm in width x 300mm in length, 3000÷0.3= approx. 10,000 pieces.

Of course, the higher the volume manufactured in one go the cheaper the per unit cost of each bag.


Additive-free polyethylene manufacturing environment

Additive-free polyethylene is manufactured in a sterilized room (the level of cleanliness is less than 100,000) including film production (bag inflation), bag processing and packing.

Film production (bag inflation) normally uses a massive machine, so this inflation process is not easy to have done in a sterilized room for many reasons.


We manufacture films in a specific factory for additive-free polyethylene using a small sized machine compared to others, so the inflation process can be done in a sterilized room.

Even the air for film forming is kept clean from filtering, the production environment (room temperature and humidity) is kept stable and compatible with cleanliness and quality expectations.


Things we can’t customize

The first priority is the cleanness, so we avoid any process that has a possibility of getting contamination.

For that reason, we cannot print and put colour on the bags.


We can manage your request concerning specific shapes of tubes, bags and sheets.  Please contact us if you need additive polyethylene in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila.