Transparent standing bags

It’s perfect for packing liquids with the pouring mouth and the self standing functionality.

This plastic bag for liquids uses laminating film that strengthens it so that it will not fall down from its own weight.

Also, because the film has antioxidant abilities and an ability to prevent water vapor transmission, it suppresses the oxidants and keeps the change of properties low.

It is popular for bottle refill bags, it is handier than containers, so it is adopted in cases where clients wish to decrease waste with environmental products.



  • Transparent standing bag
  • Transparent standing bag with angled lid
  • Transparent standing bag with a centred lid



  • Oblong shape
  • Ziplock attached
  • High strength
  • High barrier
  • Pouring mouth attached
  • For food packing as well



























Please contact us if you need transparent standing bags and transparent standing bags with a lid and mouth in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila.