Transparent one side / different material on one side bags

This product uses different materials on the front and back sides of the bag.


  • Transparent + aluminum bags
  • Transparent + aluminum with a hole to hang on
  • Transparent + a cloud pattern


Transparent + Aluminum 

This is for putting foods in, one side is transparent, so it is easy to see what’s inside.  Vacuum packaging can be done.  It has moisture resistance and barrier properties.  It is an impact resistant strong packaging with evaporated aluminum and transparent PET. 

It will look nice when packed because the film behind is a silver colored aluminum.


Transparent + cloud pattern

This is a nylon plastic bag and we print a cloud pattern only at the back.  If you have a particular design for the pattern, we can manufacture it too.


Please contact us if you need a different material for the back side or different patterns in the Philippines, Luzon or Manila.