Antistatic plastic bags

This is almost a permanent antistatic plastic bag and the antistatic effect on the film is sustainable.


  • No antistatic agent used (surface-active agent)
  • Sustainable antistatic type
  • Less humidity dependence
  • Colorable: Clear (transparent), blue and pink
  • Surface specific resistance 10 to the power of 4 under Ω (JIS K6911)
  • 10 to the power of 10 Ω to 11 Ω (*measurement)


Non-additive type   Sustainable antistatic (almost parmanent antistatic type)

The film used does not use antistatic agents but it has an antistatic effect and it is a sustainable antistatic type.

The resin itself has a non-static effect, the antistatic effect is not going to lessen and it’s almost permanent.

(Bags will naturally be worn down over time, this is why we said ‘almost’ permanent.)

A special film is used so the unit price for one bag is more expensive than an additive type.

To make the antistatic bag clear, we colour them transparent blue.

It’s possible to colour them in a different colour to blue for customization.


Manufacturing standard size

The thickness of the film
Bag opening width
The length of the bag

 * We may not be able to manufacture your requested size depending on the combination of the thickness and the width.

After receiving your request, we will offer the best and closest option to what you requested.



We have four colours: blue, yellow, pink and green.  No colour and transparent is of course possible.

Generally, antistatic bags look the same as normal bags, so to distinguish whether it’s an antistatic bag or not, they often put colour on it.










The production volume

The minimum customized production volume (lot) is 1,000m of bags in length.

To calculate how many pieces you get from that, divide 1,000 by the length of each bag (m).

E.g. If the bag is 0.05mm thick x 200mm in width x 300mm in length, 1000÷0.3= approx. 3,300 pieces.

Of course, the higher the volume manufactured in one go the cheaper the per unit cost of each bag, small production runs for tests are recommended.


We can manage your request concerning specific shapes of tubes, bags and sheets.

Please contact us if you need conductive plastic bags in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila.