Antistatic ziplock plastic bag

This is a ziplock plastic bag that seals easily with an antistatic function.

The bag structure is sealed on both sides with heat fusing.



  • Selectable between non-additive type (sustainable) and added in type
  • Less humidity dependence if non-additive type
  • Useful sealing with the ziplock
  • Blue colouring to distinguish as an antistatic bag


General antistatic agent added type

General antistatic agent added in type is literally a type where the antistatic agent (surface-active agent) is added (additive) to the film.

It is attractive low cost because it can be manufactured at a similar cost to general plastic bags.

However, it is said that the effect of the antistatic properties of the bag become weaker one year from manufacturing.

(The effect is different depending on the conditions of storage or other factors.)

This type can have an effect when the antistatic agent that was added in comes out on the film surface, so the additive agent could come off and contaminate the packed goods.

The non-additive type is recommended for packing delicate items like precision mechanical equipment.


Non-additive type   Sustainable antistatic (almost parmanent antistatic type)

 The film used does not use antistatic agents but it has an antistatic effect and it is a sustainable antistatic type.

The resin itself has a non-static effect, so the effect of the antistatic effect is not going to lessen and it’s almost permanent.

(Bags will naturally be worn down over time, this is why we said ‘almost’ permanent.)

A special film is used, so the unit price for one bag is more expensive than the additive type.

To make the antistatic bag clear, we colour them transparent blue.

It’s possible to colour in a different colour to blue for customization.



We can manage your request concerning specific shapes of tubes, bags and sheets.

Please contact us if you need antistatic ziplock plastic bags in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila.