Antistatic sterilized bags

Antistatic sterilized bags recommended for using in sterilized room.


  • No antistatic agent used (surface-active agent)
  •  Sustainable antistatic type
  • Less humidity dependence
  • Colorable: Clear (transparent), blue and pink
  •  Manufactured in sterilized room


Physical property data (measurement)

Surface inherent resistance
5.4X10 to the power of 9 Ω (JIS K 6911)
Seal strength
Piercing strength


Antistatic sterilized bags

Our antistatic sterilized bags are made from polyethylene, but the film used does not use antistatic agents but it has an antistatic effect and it is a sustainable antistatic type.

Also, a special polyethylene is used to manage the low use of additive fatty acid amide (slip agent).

For that reason, it is possible to pack the contents without any contamination and with an antistatic function.

The antistatic function has a non-static effect coming from the structure of the resin itself, so there’s less humidity dependence and antistatic effect is almost permanent.

It’s perfect for packing electronic circuit boards, electronic parts, semiconductive devices and precision equipment parts.


Customized orders

The thickness of the film
Bag opening width
The length of the bag
Clear (transparent), blue, pink


The production volume (LOT)

The minimum customized production volume (lot) is 2,000m of bags in length.

To calculate how many pieces you get from that, divide 2,000 by the length of each bag (m).

E.g. If the bag is 0.05 thick x 200mm in width x 300mm in length, 2000÷0.3= approx. 6,600 pieces.

Of course, the higher the volume manufactured in one go the cheaper the per unit cost of each bag.


We can supply tube (rolls) and sheets as well, not only bags.

Antistatic bags look the same as normal bags, so to distinguish whether it’s an antistatic bag or not, we often put colour on it.


Please contact us if you are looking for antistatic sterilized bags in the Philippines, Luzon or Manila.