Plastic bags

Our plastic bags are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are regular transparent bags.

They may also be called ‘vinyl bags’.

Low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is transparent, shiny and soft.

These bags are used in a variety of ways such as protective packing for manufactured products shipped from factories, general use, for foods and agriculture.


Also, because it is possible to make ultra thick films, they can be used for putting heavy items in or if you want the bags to be not easily rip then these bags can be used.

Low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is transparent, sticky, doesn’t easily rip and has strength.

Because the heat weldability is good (= easy to do heat sealing) and opens well, it is a versatile film that is used for various uses.


Also, our polyethylene films comply with the Food Sanitation Act and the standards for food and additives (The Ministry of health and welfare No. 370, 1959), so you can use these bags safely for food too.  We can provide certificates if required.


Summary of the features

  • Don’t easily rip
  • Transparent for seeing inside
  • Resistant to impacts
  • Excellent moisture proof properties
  • Easily open
  • Excellent heat sealing (strong bottom)
  • No dioxin when burning


Manufacturing standard size

The thickness of the film
Bag opening width
The length of the bag



The price changes depending on the number of printing colours.  Also, it changes whether it’s one side only or both sides.

If the size of the bags are 600mm in width and 800mm in length, then it will only be possible to do ‘endless print’ where the same pattern repeats in the optional spaces.

It uses gravure printing, so there will be one proof for one colour.

Please talk to us about printing, because the necessary data and notes are different depending on the materials and shapes of the printed bags.


Film colouring

The colour can be chosen from our film colour samples.

The price changes depending on the colour you choose.

Please contact us about the manufacturing lot, because it changes depending on the size and thickness you would like.

Please also contact us if you need vinyl bags and plastic bags in the Philippines, Luzon and Manila.