Plastic bags for drums

This is a plastic bag for use in cylindrical shaped drums.

200 liter drums are used generally when manufacturing and processing pharmaceutical agents, silicon glue, high viscosity liquids and paints for cars and such things.

However, it’s a waste of money if you throw the dram cans away after every use.


Also, if you clean it every time you use it, that is a waste of your time and you would need some space for it and tools to clean it, so it will be a big cost with the cleaning process.

So, plastic bags for drums are useful.

Put this plastic bag in the drums before using the drums so that you can keep it clean and use the drums repeatedly.

The cleaning process can be eliminated and it will have huge cost savings.



  • Very thick films are used, 0.2mm bottom and 0.15mm side
  • Chemical proof properties
  • Tough and doesn’t easily rip
  • Great for stirring
  • It can be put finely on the drums because of its cylinder shaped design
  • Great workability because of the easy opening
  • Can be for 25L, 55L, 100L and 200L sizes


Physical data

Tensile strength
Vertical:394kgf/cm2 Horizontal:351kgf/cm2
Vertical:1,175%   Horizontal:1,271%
Sealing strength
Vertical:172kgf/cm2 Horizontal:373kgf/cm2



We can manufacture based on your request for thickness and size, please have a think based on your drum size.

The key to size is to set the length of the bag (from the mouth to the bottom) longer.

Because the bag opening will be folded as you can see in the photo.