Pallet Cover (a bag with a square bottom)

This is for covering pallets and large machines, it is good for avoiding rain and wind when transporting.  It’s a large square bottom bag made of polyethylene.


  • A large and box shaped bag
  • Made by LLDPE, it’s sticky so that it doesn’t easily get ripped.
  • Because it’s transparent film, the inside is visible.
  • Colouring and printing are not possible.
  • It is perfect for covering large pallets and machines and avoiding dust getting on the item.


Bags with square bottoms

This large square bottom polyethylene cover is useful for avoiding the rain, wind and dust for large trolleys or wagons that are stored outside.

The square bottom shape is a cuboid style and it is easy to put the cover on when pallets are mounted.


Because a transparent polyethylene film is used, it’s hardy, doesn’t easily get ripped and the contents are visible inside because the film is transparent.

It is also used for avoiding dust and wetness on large machines while using it to cover pallets.

The strength of the film lasts a long time, even after a while, so it is good for long term use as well.



The size can be manufactured to a large range, so we can do very large sizes too.

We have delivered an extra large size of 3000×3000×3000mm before and we can manufacture even larger.

We can modify the thickness as well, we can manufacture the thinnest sheet at 0.02mm and ultra thick sheets at 0.15mm.

It is also used for protecting and masking to avoid dust and rain as well.


Please contact us if you need large square bottom bags and pallet covers in the Philippines, Luzon or Manila.